Originally : TK Tool & Die Manufacturers Pty Ltd.

Started in 1965 by two German Immigrants.

In 1997 the company split into two separate companies at the same address to  focus on their core functions:

TK Manufacturing cc (TKMcc)

Specializing in Production Metal Stampings for the Automotive Industry.

TK Toolroom Trust (TKT) 

Specializing in Press Tool Manufacturing.

The heart of any Metal Stamping production facility is the on-site Toolroom whose core function is to design, build, maintain and keep the wheels of production rolling. Without it there can be no sustainable production as there is an endless need for maintenance and tool repairs as any experienced production manager will agree. The on-site Toolroom is key to the success of this facility.

The Company is in the process of forming a partnership with a potential investor and will consolidate both its operations

into one new company

TK  Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd.