About The Company

Brief History

T.K. Tool & Die (Pty) Ltd was started in 1963 by W.E. Kusterer and his brother Mr G Kusterer- both German immigrants.

The name T.K. was born from the inclusion of Mr B. Thompson, a financial advisor to the Kusterer brothers in 1964. Mr Thompson left the company in 1970.

Both Kusterer brothers were ex-Toolmakers from General Motors. The first work they did was for GM (small tools and light pressings).

Armstrong Hydraulics (now Tenneco Ride Control) was the main customer and T.K. produced virtually all Armstrong’s pressings. Up until 1996, TK was still producing 60% of all Armstrong Metal Pressings (250 different parts).

Due to ever-increasing steel & labour costs, the vast majority of these pressed parts became uneconomical. 32 Employees were retrenched.

T.K. Tool & Die was then split into 2 separate companies namely: T.K. Manufacturing cc (Metal Pressings Section) and T.K. Toolroom Trust (Toolmaking Section) which worked alongside each other to service the Automotive Market mainly.

M.W.Kusterer (son of W.E.Kusterer) is presently the sole owner of both these companies.

Current Position

Currently, our main business as regards PRESSINGS (TK Manufacturing) cc is for the Shock Absorber Industry, namely: Tenneco Ride Control (old Armstrong Hydraulics ) & Torre ( Gabriel ) in Cape Town. DANA Spicer Axle is also one of our big PRESSINGS customers, supplying them with numerous rear-axles components.

We have also recently taken on relatively new PRESSINGS customers being: Eberspaecher SA who specialise in Catalytic Convertors mainly for the overseas market.

TK Toolroom Trust is the TOOLING supplier whose main function is to build tools for TK Manufacturing cc (PRESSINGS). In addition to being a support structure for TK Manufacturing CC (Repairs and maintenance of equipment and tooling) it also provide manufacturing services for a number of outside companies. Examples of these include the companies already mentioned and others: Welfit Oddy, CRH Africa, VW, Formex and many other smaller companies.

Present Employees / Staff – TK Manufacturing cc - 22

Present Employees / Staff -  TK Toolroom Trust - 12

About Us

  • Remain globally competitive.
  • Expand product base according to customer requirements.
  • Sustain current customer base.
  • Improve the efficiency at which we manufacture our products and as such remain at the cutting edge of new technology.
  • Become a key Press Tooling & Part Manufacturer in the Eastern Cape and South Africa.

To take the company and transform it into the TK Tooling Cluster Development by renting out unused space (already done) and acquiring more space to rent out to aspiring individuals who want to start their own engineering businesses – specialising in Tool-making and related work.

This process has already begun within our company which already shares the same premises with 2 other companies:

RGK Engineering   – specialising in wire-cutting but also NC milling and Tool-Design.

Lambro Solutions – specialising in 5 axis NC milling and also wirecutting.

The ultimate aim is to get  more individuals/entrepreneur’s interested (preferably people who are passionate about toolmaking and may already have small running businesses ) to join this Cluster to all work together in a manner of sharing resources as effectively as possible.

These Cluster companies would then be provided work from a Central Cluster Management body that would do all the admin work  ie  find customers , process orders , provide risk security to customers by ensuring the tools get designed by experienced designers and all other aspects that make it easier for the cluster members to concentrate on what they are good at.

Our main focus is on the manufacturing of quality tooling at TK Toolroom Trust to be used at TK Manufacturing cc for the production of pressed metal parts mainly for the automotive industry.

The 2 companies supplement each other to provide a Complete Solution from the Customer’s submission of a drawing of a part that he needs made, to the completed finished part supplied to the Customer with all associated quality standards required for the part by the motor industry.

This Complete Solution makes it easier for the customer to do business with TK since he does not have to first find a tooling manufacturer and then find someone else to actually manufacture the part for him.
  • Received RFQ
  • Feasibility study
  • Quotation
  • Acceptance of quotation and order from Customer
  • Timing Plan
  • Establish a project Team
  • Engineering Analysis. Strip layout & Simulation
  • Design & Manufacture of Tooling , Assembly & Tryouts
  • Customer PPAP approval
  • Completion of Project ready for SOP.

Direct Customers


Indirect Customers